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EPI Geophysics adopts new GPR systems

EPI is pleased to announce that it is now operating two independent geophysics teams. Paul McLeod and Bob Wiencek, shown above, are at your service. We recently acquired the latest GPR model offered by Geophysical Survey Systems called the UtilityScan ProSystem with SIR-4000 together with a 350 HS antenna.

This particular antenna allows data collection over a wide range of frequencies giving higher resolution imaging throughout a range of target depths. In addition to GPR services, EPI also offers line tracing and electromagnetic induction for utility location, environmental assessment, geology studies, tank location, concrete inspection, and archaeology.

Typical uses of this system:

  • Utility detection – metallic and non-metallic

  • Environmental remediation

  • Damage prevention

  • Road inspection

  • Geological investigation

  • Archaeology and forensics

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