Top 10 Reasons Why Drillers Strike Buried Utilities

Recently three people were injured when a 46-year-old worker was drilling underground and hit a power line in Northeast Philadelphia. This accident could have been avoided.

  1. Client and/or Property Owner tried to save money and didn’t hire EPI Geophysics to do a utility scan

  2. Client and/or Property Owner tried to save money and didn’t hire EPI Drilling to soft dig

  3. Client in a rush convinces the driller to drill without a mark out

  4. Client and/or Property Owner does not provide accurate information

  5. Client and/or Property Owner isn’t aware that One Call doesn’t cover privately owned utilities

  6. Driller being polite decides to drill too close to a marked utility

  7. Client or Driller was in a rush and needed to drill before the mark out was completed

  8. Driller didn’t understand how to read a One Call ticket and was drilling at a location not covered by the One Call

  9. Driller under pressure to expedite drilling fails to survey area in the vicinity of the borehole

  10. Third party company hired to locate utilities fails to provide an accurate mark out

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