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New Jersey One Call Updates

Effective: July 1, 2017

The maximum distance allowed on a ticket is a single tax block for all tickets with or without an address in urban or suburban areas. If a ticket will extend onto multiple blocks, multiple tickets are required. The only exception is if you are working within 500 feet of an intersection and will be going in multiple directions from the intersection.

If there's an excavation that needs to occur immediately and there's already an active NJ One Call ticket, an additional contractor can be added to the ticket provided that the original ticket holder assumes all responsibility. This can be helpful in certain situations where a client needs another contractor on-site sooner than the 3 day processing period. The active ticket holder would notify NJ One Call that they authorize the other contractor to be added to their ticket, then the other contractor would in turn contact New Jersey One Call, reference the existing ticket number and add their company information to the ticket.


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