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Grave Matters

May 2019 Project

EPI Geophysics has recently noticed an increase in requests from cemeteries for non-destructive geophysical surveys. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a valuable tool in the identification of unmarked graves, as well as confirming the locations of known burials. In historic cemeteries, unmarked graves can be relatively common due, in part, to poor or lost burial records, inaccurate placing of grave stones, or missing grave markers. EPI Geophysics includes a three-dimensional GPR mapping component as part of a cemetery survey. The result is a revealing 3D image highlighting areas of burials and showing areas that are clear of graves. These cleared areas can be excavated for new internments.

A 3D GPR image (above) showing burials depicted by bright white anomalies in a historic cemetery. Dark areas on the image indicate that no graves are present. These areas can be excavated for new internments.

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