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Geophysical Search for Unmarked Slave Burials

EPI Geophysics conducting an EM survey after 3-D GPR data was collected in the project area

EPI Geophysics recently conducted a non-destructive geophysical survey to search for unmarked slave burials at an expansive 18th century plantation site. 3-D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data along with Electromagnetic (EM) Induction data were collected during the geophysical fieldwork. After EPI Geophysics processes the GPR data, 3-D depth slices of the survey area will reveal the presence or absence of any archaeological features including any unmarked graves that may be present. The archaeological project work at the site is on-going.

Geophysical surveys are a valuable tool in archaeological fieldwork. Archaeological features discovered in processed 3-D geophysical data allow archaeologists to know the depth of a feature and to pinpoint key excavation locations within a project area. This information saves the client time in the field and reduces their labor costs.

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