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EPI Geophysics assists in court case

There are a variety of applications for geophysics work including geotechnical, construction, demolition, environmental, archaeological, etc. but forensic geophysics is something for which we are not often called.

During the summer of 2019 we were asked to do a geophysical study of a 100-year-old manhole and its accompanying sewer system. A particular north Jersey county was being sued, because the lifting of the manhole cover had caused a personal injury. So, the county asked EPI Geophysics for an analysis which included GPR and Line Tracing as well as a study of extant architectural plans of the sewer system.

While the architecture of the sewer system may have had little to do with the actual injury, the geophysical study proved instrumental in the county winning its case as the defendant in the law suit. Don’t hesitate to call us if you think that geophysics might be helpful to you for legal purposes, because we may have some creative ideas for you.

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