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Drone Services

Hi-Resolution Photos | 4K HD video | 2D + 3D Mapping


EPI Geophysics, Inc. incorporates drone photography and mapping to advance the quality and availability of site data. This exciting new technology is set to revolutionize the environmental, construction, and geospatial industries by increasing accuracy and lowering time and costs.

Road View from Above

The Drone Advantage*

Field Time
and Costs


More Accurate Data and Precise Measurements

Maps Inaccessible Areas

DJI_0071 (2)_edited.jpg

Photography + Inspections

  • Captures 4K Ultra HD videos and high resolution photos to clients exact specifications.

  • Drone inspections provide clear and accurate results while cutting down the time onsite and keep all parties out of harm's way.

  • Inspections can target entire properties, structures, and any other predetermined areas of concern.

  • Flights can even be live-streamed, giving clients an active role in directing the pilot's flight path.

3-D Sample (2).png

Mapping + 3D Modeling

  • Drone mapping and modeling is changing the industry to provide expedited project workflow with less time in the field. From globally accurate and high-resolution aerial visuals, to real-time 3-D walkthroughs and models, site information can be obtained in a fraction of the time.

  • The drone will move in a grid-like pattern periodically capturing images as it travels.

  • Your images will be processed offsite and stitched together to create a single high-resolution map of the entire project area.

The Drone Process


with our licensed flyer
with our licensed flyer


for your project


a flight


pending weather


delivered timely


Dan is our FAA-Certified and Licensed Drone Pilot to help facilitate your mapping and aerial needs. 

License #: 4503871

Aerial View of a Drone

Our Drone

Features: 1-inch CMOS sensor camera with a mechanical shutter capable of 20 Megapixel photos and 4K resolution video with 60 frames per second without distortion due to movement. 5-direction obstacle sensing and remote override when in close proximity to obstructions. 30-minute flight time per battery.

Geophysical Survey Accompanient

Geophysical and utility surveys are highly beneficial in providing site details for current and future earth-breaking projects. When creating utility maps to be used by multiple teams, consultants, and contractors, accuracy and detail is of great importance for all party’s understanding. Drone mapping enhances the accuracy and comprehension of these surveys with current-day information.

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